Advanced video animation in PowerPoint

You’ll know that PowerPoint can handle videos. But did you also know that we can also overlay text, illustration and music on top of that video? Take a look at the short sample below: the first part shows a “clean” video alone (the original version), the second part shows the same video with custom illustrations, graphics and text, animation and audio. All on top of the video. All within PowerPoint.

Advanced video animation in PowerPoint from Presented on Vimeo.

The video shows a short before and after sequence (51 seconds)

How do you enhance videos in PowerPoint ?

The simple answer is layers. The video plays in the background, and we show / hide various layers on top of the video, with animation applied. At times we pause the video and animate a static frame, then we resume the video and apply different effects. It’s simple when you know how!

Of course, because it’s video animation in PowerPoint it’s very easy for anyone to edit in the future. Anyone can type over text to update key info and simply re-save as a video.

PowerPoint saves in video format as an .mp4: simply “Save as…” and wait! It might take some time, depending on the length and complexity of the file… and the speed of your computer! We regularly save high level PowerPoint animations as mp4 files so we can upload to websites, share on vimeo or youtube, and use for social media like twitter, linkedin and facebook. The above video is a PowerPoint file, with an embedded video, then the whole thing saved in mp4 format.

Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for your future presentations!

There are lots of ways to use advanced video animation in PowerPoint to really enhance your presentations. This is just one idea, we have lots!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you add custom elements like text, illustrations, and music to videos in PowerPoint?
In PowerPoint, you can overlay text, illustrations, graphics, and music on top of a video by utilising layers. These elements are shown or hidden over the video with applied animation, allowing for creative enhancement.

What file format does video animation in PowerPoint save as?
PowerPoint saves video animations in the .mp4 format. Simply select “Save as…” and wait for the process to complete. Depending on the length and complexity of the file, as well as your computer’s speed, this may take some time.

Can anyone easily edit video animations created in PowerPoint?
Yes, editing video animations in PowerPoint is straightforward. Anyone can update key information by typing over text and then saving the presentation as a video. This flexibility makes it easy for future edits and modifications.

What are some examples of using advanced video animation in PowerPoint?
There are numerous ways to leverage advanced video animation in PowerPoint to enhance presentations. One example is overlaying custom illustrations, graphics, and text with animation and audio on top of a video. This creative approach adds depth and engagement to presentations.