The benefits of using a presentation design service

What are the benefits of using a presentation design service…?

  • Letting PowerPoint design experts work on your slides frees up your time to work on other areas of your business
  • Presentation designers are experts in making slides look fantastic. Having amazing looking PowerPoint slides will give you confidence
  • The presentation experts here at Presented are skilled in communication science. We’ll craft a compelling message and storyboard your presentation to ensure your message gets across
  • Having a clear message will keep your delivery on track, give you confidence and make you more likely to achieve your goals

Here at Presented we typically look at three levels of presentation design service when we first chat with a client:

The simplest presentation design service is making your slides ‘visibly better’

We stick to really great presentation design. Giving your slides a thorough makeover so that they are more visual, so they communicate better, and so they are a better experience for you and your audience. In this service we don’t change your text or content without your permission.

The next level of presentation design service is ‘slide messaging’ where we do all the above, but also look at the communication of each slide as a stand alone. So we’ll improve the text, cut down on visual junk, clarify, and help each slide work as hard as it can for you and your goal.

The top level of presentation design from the team here is a ‘full messaging’ service. Here we look at your slides as a whole, we craft your message from beginning through to the end.  This is the best presentation design service we offer.

On top of these services we can also add interactivity, advanced animation, custom shows, hyperlinked content, movies and more. We’re the experts. It makes sense to use a presentation design company!

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