Sometimes you can’t (or don’t want to) carry your laptop around with you. Although it’s not particularly easy to create presentations using your tablet, using a tablet to present your slides is simple!

With a few tips, you can ditch your laptop and smash it using tablet presentations instead.

Tablet presentation

Our preferred software for tablet presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad and PowerPoint for Android apps: these allow the same playback capabilities of the full computer version of the software, including most animations and interactivity (in 2020 the “hover over” animation wasn’t supported, as far as we know this is still the case). Plus, most people are very familiar with PowerPoint, so it’s an easy go-to.

Simply create your presentation in your usual way, specifying the right dimension to fit your tablet screen. To optimise your tablet’s touch-screen capabilities, use interactivity (e.g. hyperlinks) for a better user/audience experience. Upload your PPT to your tablet and share your presentation with ease.

Tips for tablet presentations:

1. Disable notifications: you don’t want either confidential business or personal pop ups mid-way through your pitch!

2. Beam your presentation wirelessly to a large wall via a projector using Apple’s AirPlay technology.

3. Learn a few gesture controls to get the most out of PowerPoint for iPad. For example, in full-screen slideshow view you can use a closed pinch gesture to return to the editing view.

4. PowerPoint for iPad enables you to edit any .pptx files. If your file is an older format (.ppt), you have the option to convert it to a .pptx file. (That’s now a really old format: catch up!)

Don’t forget, whilst your tablet is a great tool for presentations, it might not guarantee your objective. For this, you need to work on the presentation itself, and your own delivery skills. So…

Let Presented help you with more than just your tablet presentations.

Our main focus is communication. Plenty of research exists on how brains best take in information, and we use such insights to help get your message across. A good presentation will help you to achieve your goals.

For delivery skills you might want to consider a public speaking coach. We know people! And can recommend a couple so you find the right fit for you.

Not sure what else PowerPoint can do for you? See these underrated PowerPoint features.