You can share PowerPoint online with HTML5: even when slides are animated and interactive!

Sending a website link that hosts your presentation avoids the issues of sending via email: such as high file sizes, and fonts not embedding (which you can’t do on a Mac, but you can do on a PC providing it’s the right font type!). Sharing a presentation online also solves the problem of which PowerPoint version viewers have installed… and of course gets round the minor viewing issues that occur when using a Mac vs PC (usually to do with fonts wrapping in unexpected places).

2 steps to easily share PowerPoint online with HTML5:

1) Simply convert PowerPoint to HTML5

We’ve used software from iSpring Solutions. They offer a free trial so you can give it a go, or we can convert for you. Just email us and ask.

You can jump to our page that lists 4 different presentations we have converted to HTML5 and popped online. You can click each thumbnail to view.

Some of our examples include a frame with PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons. These can be set to appear large or small. This can help users navigate the slides.
Alternatively, it’s also good to keep all the navigation on the slides themselves, or you can consider going “clean” and simply using the same clicks you would in PowerPoint to advance the slides.

2) Once converted, upload the files to your own website

Whilst you may need to ask your web team to do this, it’s simply uploading files on to your domain. So if you’re a smaller company, you can DIY this process with a basic FTP uploader.

If you have a web team, they can also edit the HTML5 files to include meta tags, keywords and more. If not, by default the HTML5 output has minimal code.

Once uploaded, a link to your presentation can be opened in any web browser. Safe in the knowledge that fonts, animations and visuals will show up as expected with quick load times. Naturally: test the results before sharing. 😉

The conversion software at iSpring handles most animation effects. There are a few it doesn’t (yet) convert (at time of writing anyway c. 2022). The most significant lack is the Morph transition. This isn’t a deal breaker of course, there are traditional animation methods that can replace the morph effect. (Ahhh, what we used in the good ol’ days!)
Full list of PPT animations that are converted into HTML5.

And that’s it. Easy peasy!

In summary: Get the software, convert the PPT, upload to your website.

iSpring have instructions of course on their website also. You can also pay for iSpring to host your presentations on their LMS.

Need our help to share PowerPoint online?

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share powerpoint online with HTML5