PowerPoint design service:
Template Creation

Effective, well-built PowerPoint templates are an essential element of every branding suite. Our PowerPoint template designers will ensure your slides are user-friendly, time-saving, on-brand and consistently beautiful.

Eye-catching, effective PowerPoint template design

A smart PowerPoint template looks amazing, is easy to use and inspires the people using it. Whether you need corporate consistency or a more imaginative approach, Presented can design and build you a template to suit.

Every new template comes with a new design, built-in fonts, a colour palette and a suite of layouts as standard. But we’ll also introduce you to other inspiring options to help you create hard-working slides – including master animation, slide layout library, icon library, image library, navigation elements, user instructions, pre-formatted shapes and structures.

Your PowerPoint template should be reliable, well-used and effective. So we’ll also offer guidance on how to make it a resource that everyone wants to use.

Template design in action

Presentation templates that inspire users

We build the best possible PowerPoint templates, with user-friendly functionality such as:

Slide masters


Built-in colour palette

Default fonts

Default shape style

Bullet hierarchies

Navigation elements

Icon library

Image library

User instructions

Partner with presentation experts

We offer monthly subscription packages for clients who require a high volume of PowerPoint material.  We also partner with creative agencies (as white label where required) who want to provide the best for their clients in PowerPoint.