PowerPoint design service:
Interactive Features

PowerPoint’s interactive features are a design game-changer.

PowerPoint’s interactivity can hugely boost engagement, so if you’ve never considered using interaction, let us show you what PowerPoint can do.

Interactive PowerPoint design that talks directly to your audience

Interactive PowerPoint design has so many possibilities – from simple hyperlinks and navigation, to more complex features such as clickable areas, pop-up menus, and triggered content. You can create surprising non-linear presentations, navigate directly to specific areas of content, or hide and reveal content to respond to your audience. 

We begin by mapping out your content, structuring the overall presentation, establishing how users will interact, and defining how content should behave in various scenarios. The end result can be exported to PowerPoint, PDF or HTML5 to present on a variety of platforms, including iPad, tablet and laptop.

With our expertise, you can develop an interactive resource that is intuitive, informative, and easy to navigate.

Interactive design in action

Interactive PowerPoint design that demands attention

We harness PowerPoint’s potential to create stimulating interactive presentations for all situations, including:







Kiosk presentations

Small meetings

One-to-one meetings

Non-linear presentations

Professional animations

Business meetings

Online meetings

Hybrid and virtual events

Partner with presentation experts

We offer monthly subscription packages for clients who require a high volume of PowerPoint material.  We also partner with creative agencies (as white label where required) who want to provide the best for their clients in PowerPoint.