Presentation Design... and more.

We can work from any starting point and offer advice on your latest projects or headaches.

Our talented designers excel with PowerPoint, and have many other skills up their sleeves – just ask.

Presentation design.

If you’re here, it’s likely you want your slides to look better.
From a lick of paint to all the bells and whistles, we can add as much or as little design value as you need.


PowerPoint animation / video.

From PowerPoint Zoom to Morph to Hyperlinks to Triggers. Specialist treatment can help your content to engage your audience.

Slides can be exported to Html5, mp4 and gif for easy sharing online on websites and social media channels. All with an easy-to-edit PPT source file.

Interactive slides.

PowerPoint can be used for non-linear presentations so you can respond to your audience’s needs. Use clickable areas and pop up menus and content to increase interactivity.

They’re perfect for small meetings, kiosk exhibition, and for sending via email.

Template services.

Correctly built user-friendly templates can save masses of time. Time is money after all!  Plus they keep everyone on brand time and time again. Templates should be easy to use. We’re happy to check anything you have currently in use.

Word and Excel.

We have expertise in Word and Excel as well as PPT. We set template styles, colour palettes to match branding, advise on options for linking tables or charts within PowerPoint slides so they automatically update.

Brochures & reports.

Whether it’s in Word, PowerPoint or Adobe InDesign, we can design for onscreen or printed materials to support your presentations.

Some surprising things too.

We’re illustrators and graphic designers. We have turned our hand to many extras like conference banners, chocolate bars & wrappers, logos, lorry curtains, postcards, posters etc. Just ask, we’ll always answer honestly about our expertise.


If you’re an agency we’d love to hear from you. We partner with many agencies, often working as a white label provider.  See agency page for more details.