Two steps to create your own self running presentation

Perfect for conferences, trade shows, or even holding slides at your webinar. Self running slides catch people’s attention. If you already have a presentation that will work for this, here are two simple steps to turn it into a self running presentation.

Note: you will be making some changes to the presentation, so before you start save out a new version of your presentation. That way you will still have the original version for when you’re presenting live.

Self running presentations can be used to attract people to your stand

Step 1: Create Automatic Timings

When you are presenting, you will want to have control over when the next animation or slide transition happens, so your presentation will most likely be set up so that you need to click the mouse to continue.

However, at a kiosk you will want the presentation animation and slides to advance automatically, so that people passing by your stand will be able to read and follow the slides.
There are many ways to set up the timings for a presentation so that they run automatically, but the simplest and quickest is to use “rehearse timings”:

  • On the top ribbon, click Slide Show and Rehearse Timings
  • Click each time you want to proceed to the next animation/slide
  • Once you’ve finished the slides, PowerPoint will prompt you to save the new slide timings

Step 2: Loop Presentation

At a kiosk, you will want the presentation to loop back to the beginning again once finished. To do this:

  • On the top ribbon, click Slide Show and Set Up Slide Show
  • Select Loop continuously until ‘Esc.’
  • Hit OK

The video below (from our Vimeo channel) shows these two steps in action. At Presented, we have lots of experience creating kiosk presentations, so get in touch if you want us to help you create something really eye-catching that will draw people to your stand. For more tips on setting up a killer exhibition stand, take a look at this guest blog.