Presented is a recommended presentation design company!

Don’t just take our word for it. Okay, so yes, we fully admit this page is mostly for SEO. You know, that one person who searches “recommended presentation design company”, maybe with “UK” too.  BUT, we’re very very good at what we do. We’ve been in business since 2009. We started in a recession, and we’re still going strong (through 2020 of all times!). This is because clients return to us again and again. A lot of projects are confidential, but below are a handful of fairly dated before and after slides. Plus we tell you what we did and why: context is always important.

Potential clients often expect a quote for X number of slides. We don’t work per slide in that way – each quote depends on how much transformation we apply to each slide. So we’ll need to have a chat with you before we can give you any figures. If a presentation design company can quote without seeing your slides or understanding your expectations then it’s likely they are just going to tidy up what you already have, or apply a design without fully understanding what you need. Here at Presented we take more time to understand your ultimate goal. We work on your content to bring out your key messages. We focus on the communicate side as well so the slides do a great job as well as looking fantastic. That’s why our clients keep coming back to us and that’s why we’re a recommended presentation design company.

Chopper stats:

 Boring slide with a table and no focus  Well designed slide with clear messages (and animation)

A boring table, and the key message
“more tours than anyone else!” is lost
in the layout.

Looks amateur too. Not the feel
you want for a helicopter company!


The detail behind cities and number of travel hours isn’t
important for the audience to remember so why overload
them with information?

The key message is now easier to find and recall.

 Property redevelopment:

 Recommended presentation design company - before slide  Recommended presentation design company - after slide

The design and layout lacks a professional
or luxury feel – despite these qualities being exactly what the client wanted to convey.


Although tempting to make the photo full screen,
that didn’t fit with the overall presentation design
which was a mix of illustrations, photos and text.
The concept here with white space, new font and illustrated content really brought the whole presentation together.

 Qualified people:

 Recommended presentation design company - before slide  Recommended presentation design company - before slide

Naff use of PPT smart art! The layout is
unbalanced and hard to read.


A brand new look and coded navigation applied
throughout the deck. This was animated and far more visual.
The design service “Visibly Better” was applied
– keeping all the content as per the original,
but applying a new design, layout and making
the content more memorable.

 Car repair whizzes:

 Recommended presentation design company - before slide  Recommended presentation design company - before slide

Oh boy, would you want to look
at this table?

It’s too small to read, it’s got too
much data, and what’s the point that the
presenter is trying to make?
Hard to know quickly isn’t it?


The take home point is that this company repairs cars
in a fraction of the time vs other garages.

The table and figures are gone, and in their place are easy
to understand, easy to compare graphics as well as logos.
Again, this is a “slide messaging” service and
well worth the extra thought, design,
layout and animation to really help the audience to
understand the content.

 We’ve mentioned a couple of our recommended presentation design services in the descriptions above.

Here’s an overview of Presented’s services:

Visibly better:

We give your presentation a complete face lift and new look; keeping your existing content, headings and slide order. We retain the information that you have but show it in a more visual way. i.e. all your text would remain, but we show it differently.  Slides look great and the style would be consistent and professional.

Slide Messaging

We improve the communication on each slide to make each as clear as possible:

By rewriting headings, removing unnecessary content (such as heavy text load), breaking down slides into more slides where necessary, and creating the right visuals so your information is easily absorbed by the audience. Extra “guidance” slides are also included throughout the deck, to make it easier for your audience to follow.

Everything we do is based on proven scientific principles behind the way people best absorb info, to ensure your slides communicate as effectively as possible. The first step in this process is to talk through your slides with you so we fully understand them, before we start work on the messaging, design, and build; ensuring you’re happy with each step before moving onto the next one.

Full Messaging

We structure your presentation to ensure it’s as persuasive and clear as possible.

We do this by creating sections that guide your audience, and writing headings that tell your story in an audience-focused way. Slides are built in a way that ensures your message is easy to remember: typically, each slide would contain a heading and visual that work together to get across one message. Putting these slides together in the right order would build your story, and therefore get your message across in a way that is easy to follow, take in and remember.

Everything we do is based on the science of how people absorb information, to give your audience maximum chance of understanding and remembering your message. We work with you to ensure you’re happy with every step before moving onto the next one.


These 3 presentation design services all contribute in making us a recommended presentation design company. On top of that, we’re small, friendly, and won’t take a job on if we can’t reach the deadline. And we’ll also do a Tidy Up if that’s all you need!

Drop us a line and see how we can help you.