Social proof in a blog post

Yes, we are recommended PowerPoint designers. Worth typing it out just for the seo, but the social proof is evident in the quotes below.

Usually, our happy clients simply email us some lovely words and we share them with our team. But that’s not what you, as a potential client, want to know. You want to know if we’re actually any good. You want social proof…

We have a few reviews on the Presented Google Business page. Which is a good place for them! We haven’t signed up with trust pilot or any similar service, but we do have further cracking testimonials sprinkled throughout our website. And we have many on our CRM: we store a few gooduns so they don’t get lost in the email ether.

Anyway, for your reading ease here’s a collection that we’ve simply copied and pasted on to this blog post.

Recommended PowerPoint designers

Recommended PowerPoint designers:

A fantastic job on the animation.
Our client loved it as well. I have
enjoyed working with you because you
get it, you are fast, you are thorough and
pay attention to the details, and you deliver.

Didier Roekaerts

Presented helped produce some slick and fresh looking results…
produced before timeand on budget.
I would definitely recommend them!

Tina Sen

As an experienced sales professional I thought
I’d already grabbed the essence of presentations,
but thanks to Presented I saw big potential to improve
my presentations to a brand new level.

Josh Hu

Presented helped produce some slick and fresh
looking results… produced before time and
on budget. I would definitely recommend them!

Tina Sen

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Presented.
Their professional approach in ensuring they
understand the objectives of and rationale behind
each presentation is extremely useful.

Fiona Nicholson

I wanted to say a big thank to you and the team.
Not only did you create a stunning slide show,
but were great to work with too.
We got a lot of really positive feedback
on the presentation.

Adam Kay

Thanks again for your help with this and the other
projects we have worked with you on. The team
are a delight, HUGE thank you for everything
you & the team did to get us to yesterday. The deck
looked great and positioned us exactly how we want
to look in visual form.

Nicholas Gill

So powerful… the first time I ran my Business
Alchemy PowerPoint in front of an
audience, I instantly got 24 bookings
to my workshop… I wouldn’t hesitate to
recommend Presented!

Rachel Elnaugh

Without a doubt the new presentation
did a great job at communicating our ideas
successfully to the client…
I enjoyed presenting the slides…
the results speak forbthemselves.

Leo Smeets

Thank you to Pat, Sara, Juliana and the team at Presented Ltd.!
You have revolutionised our slide decks and we’re thrilled.
The quality is fantastic clear, contemporary and bang on brief.
Thank you for a brilliant job and for being such
a pleasure to work with. We can’t wait to
recommend you to others!

Belinda Huckle

Our whole team has been so
thrilled with everything you’re
doing for us and our clients.
Thank you and your team so
much for all of your energy,
excitement, creativity and
partnership. We and our
clients really appreciate it.

Jason Anthoine

You guys did a fantastic job, met and
exceeded my expectations.

James Smee

I think you guys have done a fantastic job. This is slick,
ultra professional and as per my brief,
hits the mark for the audience
I am pitching. Well done and well worth
the investment.

Peter Jones

I just wanted to write to say thank you for such
a fantastic job on the slides, they look amazing
and everyone’s really impressed with the outcome.

Stuart Robb

Recommended PowerPoint designers just a click away!

To read a few of them in real life, you can jump to Presented’s Google Review page.
We have several videos created in PowerPoint on our vimeo page.
And see our portfolio page for some of the samples that go alongside these quotes!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are you referred to as recommended PowerPoint designers?
We are referred to as recommended PowerPoint designers because of the positive feedback and testimonials from our satisfied clients. Many of them have praised our ability to create professional, detailed, and effective presentations, which has earned us a strong reputation in the industry.

Where can I find reviews from clients who have worked with your PowerPoint designers?
You can find reviews from our clients on our Google Business page. Additionally, we have many testimonials sprinkled throughout our website. These reviews highlight the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients.

What makes your team of recommended PowerPoint designers stand out?
Our team of designers stands out due to our professional approach, attention to detail, and ability to deliver projects on time and within budget. Clients appreciate our understanding of their objectives and the rationale behind each presentation, which helps us create slides that effectively communicate their ideas.

Can I see examples of work done by your recommended PowerPoint designers?
Yes, you can see examples of our work on our portfolio page, which includes samples that accompany the testimonials from our clients. We also have several videos created in PowerPoint available on our Vimeo page, showcasing the quality and creativity of our designs.