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You must be here looking for help with your presentations. If it’s in PowerPoint, we’ve certainly got it covered. We also use InDesign, Word, Photoshop, Illustrator – so whatever challenge you might be facing – we can definitely take care of it!

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Our Presentation Design Services:

We can help you:

Increase interactivity:

Concentration levels of an audience can drop quickly. So it’s important to keep your audience engaged from the start, and to get your messages across early.

Interactive features help to engage your end-user. There’s a multitude of features we can add to interactive decks: trigger events, hyperlinks, and self-navigation menus which allow a smaller audience or those in a one-to-one meeting control the flow of the presentation.

Get yourself some customisable videos:

Video marketing is big news. The great thing is that PowerPoint can export as an mp4 video. So long as you’ve got a set of slides that animate beautifully and tell a story – then you’ve got a fully editable video that you can update regularly yourself!

Take a look at our motion showreel for some ideas as well as proof that PowerPoint can produce high quality animations.

(This is a much better option than a brochure these days: and we all know that a brochure can be out of date almost as soon as it’s printed! With a PPT video – you can update as and when you need – and you can share on LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as host on your company website like we do)

Get your key messages across:

Live face to face presenting is an important opportunity to get right. Whether you are presenting your business in a conference, or in a smaller sales pitch, you need to make a good impression. Your slides do need to look good – easy to understand as well as tidy, consistent and as polished as possible: but showing beautiful slides is only one step towards a successful pitch.

The most important part is the content, and how you structure your presentation is crucial. Our team works with you to focus your presentation around your key messages and bring out a call to action. We have helped hundreds of clients improve their results from their presentations, and we would love to help you too.

Visualise your data:

We specialise in taking dry bullet heavy content and making it into something that is more visually appealing and easier for your audience to understand. This could be as simple as cutting text content and redefining your message. It could be including icons or translating your bullets into infographics. Or it could be representing data through charts or other data visualisations. Our presentation design services make a huge impact to the content you are showing, and our team are specialists in layout: you’ll get a great result. See some before and after slides.

Have a modern and efficient template:

PowerPoint doesn’t need to look like PowerPoint… our presentation designers create robust and easy to use templates that will save you and your company masses of time. With built-in layouts, placeholders for images, go to default shapes and styles – your teams will be producing consistent professional presentations in no time. We can also throw in some guidelines for best practice, or some training.

Improve your printed material: 

We love InDesign, but we understand that 1) not everyone has it on their computer and 2) not everyone can use it. So we are pros at converting designs from InDesign into both PowerPoint and Word so that your teams can update your brochures, PDFs, and produce interactive written material without having to outsource for every edit.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of our presentation design services. Then put your feet up while we take care of your business!

Whatever presentation design service you need, please fill in this form and we’ll be in touch: