What are the benefits of using a presentation design service…?

  • If PowerPoint design experts are working on your slides then you aren’t. This frees up your time to work on other areas of your business.
  • Presentation designers are experts in making slides look fantastic. Presenting amazing looking slides will boost your confidence.
  • Our presentation experts at Presented are highly skilled in communication science. We’ll craft compelling messages and storyboard your presentation to ensure your slides are remembered.
  • A strong and clear message keeps your delivery on track, gives you confidence and makes you more likely to achieve your presenting goals.

Here at Presented we offer a bespoke service. Generally our projects will broadly fit into one of these four levels of presentation design service:

1) The simplest presentation design service is a “Tidy Up”! It’s self explanatory.
You’ll be looking at 10-15 minutes of our time per slide perhaps. Depending on how much content is on each slide, and depending on what state they are in when you give them to us!

2) The next level up is making your slides “Visibly better”.
Here we look to transform your content into something far more visual, with our without animation. They will communicate better, and be a better experience for you and your audience. This may take 20-40 minutes per slide. We may trim some text, but we generally don’t change your content without permission.

3) The third level of our presentation design service is “Slide Messaging” where we do all the above, but also look at the communication of each slide as a stand alone. So we’ll improve the text, rewrite headings, cut down on visual junk, superfluous text, repetition. We’ll clarify content, and help each slide work as hard as it can for you and your goal.

4) Our top level of presentation design from the team here is “Full Design and Messaging”. Here we look at your presentation as a whole. So we will chat to you about your call to action, your key messages, and we’ll then craft your storyline from beginning through to the end.  We don’t write your script for you, but the content on each slide takes your audience through a clear journey. This is the best presentation design service we offer.

On top of these services we can also add interactivity, advanced animation, custom shows, hyperlinked content, movies and more. We’re expert in PowerPoint and presenting. You’ll have more time, make more sales, win more hearts, get more points – whatever you are after! Using a presentation design company makes a lot of sense. Just email us at hello@presented.co.uk to find out about timings and costs.