How much does it cost to design a presentation?
What’s the price for # PowerPoint slides?
What are your rates for PowerPoint design?

We get asked about presentation cost a lot. And quite rightly!

The answer isn’t simple, because:
1) there are a wide range of different design treatments we can apply to your slides.
2) it also depends on how complex the content on your slides might be…

Let’s talk about the design side of presentation cost first:

Design wise, there are options.

We could do a simple tidy up. We don’t tend to advertise this as a service because, well, it’s simple, and we’re extremely creative & talented. Ahem. But of course sometimes that’s what you need and you need to know you’re in the right hands. In which case we might allow around 5-10 minutes per slide. This includes a quick QC but not proof reading. Before we can quote we need to assess what state the slides are currently in, whether there is a template to dictate styling and how far that “tidy up” might go!

To improve slide design more than a tidy up, it’s worth opting for our “Professional” design service.

This is our standard service, but it’s far from standard because everything we do is really good. We always want to give our clients the best and this is what our professional design means. It’s also the most likely reason you are here reading this and looking for a cost: you need your slides to look great. We generally allow 20-30 minutes per slide for this. Professional level design includes animation so it a) looks top quality b) doesn’t overwhelm the audience if you have busy slides.

Alternatively, if you need to impress, you need bells and whistles, you need something that looks nothing at all like PowerPoint. This is our “Premium” design service. We like to allocate 45-60 minutes per slide to do the very best that we can do. Naturally this includes animation.

For both Professional and for Premium, our costs assume that you will need a new design concept to be created. If you have strong branding and a well built template then of course our design fee diminishes. In all cases the creation of new design concepts, which includes two design samples, is the bulk cost of most new jobs.  Naturally, all subsequent designs in the same style will incur a lower fee as that initial design is covered.

Here’s a table for comparison of the presentation cost for 30 slides, in £ GBP

Full cost for 30 slides (ball park) Without a new design: With new design:
Tidy up 500 1000 – 1300
Professional 1750 2500 – 3000
Premium 3500 4200 – 5000

Next, let’s look at point 2): the complexity of your content.

So, you shouldn’t completely believe this table above. Your presentation cost could be quite different.

Indeed, all slides are different. It could be a simple quote slide, or an impactful cover slide. Slides with 4 charts for example often include a strapline, some text, footnotes, source references and legends. Or you could have a slide that’s simply a full page image. But does that image need any Photoshop treatment? Some slides may have 3 objects on them, others may have 30 objects (or more). The type of slide, the content volume or complexity and the type of graphics you need all feeds in to our time assessment.

For example, finding the perfect photo can sometimes take a long time, and other times it a quick search can come up trumps and it literally takes seconds. (And then you have download, saving, resampling so that your presentation isn’t 300mb in size). Or perhaps you need bespoke illustrations? We may be able to source stock vector imagery and adjust those graphics. Or we may need to draw from scratch.

A further consideration on presentation cost:

Is the graphic style that’s chosen. You could have bespoke hand-drawn illustrations, or heavily Photoshop treated images, or you may have something quite minimalist going on. Or perhaps something isometric, or something that needs customisation from stock vector sources. Knowing your own budget is important: a design choice will dictate what’s possible within your budget. In a nutshell, we need to chat!

The cost of PowerPoint extras

Furthermore, there are also extras to consider like interactivity. Hyperlinks. Menu-led navigation. And perhaps you need a voiceover and for the PPT to be exported as a movie? With music too? Sorry, we’re making it sound complicated, to us it’s our daily work so it’s straightforward. We don’t want to overwhelm you with choice. But there is a lot of choice 🙂

You could also consider hosting your slides online in HTML5 format so that any viewer anywhere can read, watch, interact and enjoy your presentation when it’s hosted on a website. That’s a small additional fee, but we love the versatility of sharing PowerPoint presentations online in this way.

And a template behind the slides?

We’re likely to create a small number of templated layouts behind any presentation we do. Assuming that it will be beneficial to you in the long run. And you may have come to us for a template anyway, with some “special” slides that you could store in a library that don’t get ruined by Karen in accounts when she uses the slides for, well, let’s not ask.

So yes, you know have an idea that although we can give you an idea of costs in the blog article, it’s not going to be accurate until we have a chat and find out exactly what you need!

Visit our PowerPoint Portfolio page to see a range of the design styles that we can create in PowerPoint. The chosen style obviously dictates the presentation cost.

And then, contact us 🙂

And if you want something super cheap… look on sites like Upwork instead… though remember, you get what you pay for!