Our PowerPoint Presentation Designers recommend making your presentation match the value of your brand.

Step 1: Save time and stress by getting us, the experts at Presented, to do it for you!

The end.

I’m kidding, but also not kidding – you and your team have better things to do than slog away for hours in PowerPoint. We hear hundreds of sob stories every year about how many hours are wasted putting together poorly designed presentations.

We simply have the speed and expertise to take this pain away from you. And once you have a well designed set of slides, in a functional and easy to use template, you’ll find it easier and faster to maintain that standard yourselves in future. After all, most slides can be reused over and over, so if they already look amazing, then you’re set. It’s easy to see why it’s a worthwhile investment.

Step 2: Evaluate what your company is presenting

Many presenters think that what they do is fine. This is because everyone else is looking the same. But this should not be permission to keep producing low level presentations. A recent client heard that his Sales team were satisfied with their presentations as they claimed to be “the best of a bad bunch.” His response?

“I don’t want us to be at the top of the sh*t pile!”

Step 3: Make some simple changes

So, don’t settle for mediocrity. Improve your presentations and your results / conversions / goals will improve too.

The design council reported that for every £1 spent on design, you get a £4 return*.


Our PowerPoint presentation designers can help you realise this ROI. Working with Presented is simple, and you’ll have something beautiful & valuable to show for it. If you prefer to make your own small improvements, here are some pointers:

1) Avoid bullet points & paragraphs.

Alternative ideas to a list of bullets include moving each sentence into a shape (e.g. a square) and laying those out in a grid. And avoid paragraphs: do we need to tell you this!? Reduce your text so that it’s easy for your audience to experience. They don’t want to read, they want to listen. They cannot listen to you if you’re presenting them with loads of text to read.

2) Use diagrams, icons, images: that are relevant

Many people know “less text, more images”. But it’s also best to avoid some photography if it’s distracting to your message. Indeed, having no photo is often better (from a communication point of view) than one that looks amazing but is purely decorative. One of the few exceptions is when you’re sharing a photo of your product.

Instead, text content can often be transformed into infographics, data can be visualised in charts instead of tables, icons can be used to code recurring themes, and diagrams that build with animation can dramatically simplify processes and other complex content.

We love to transform all sorts of content types. It can be challenging, but our team have loads of creative ideas and love the challenge.

3) Follow your branding.

If you’re following a company template: Stick to your colours. Stick to your fonts. Use Layouts within your Slides Masters (these should be included in any decent template). Obey where your content should be located. You might follow a grid, or have a simpler rule to keep within certain margins. It looks terrible if your slide titles are inconsistently located or styled, or if everyone is doing different things. Try using the PowerPoint Reset button, or use guides to visually confirm the positioning.

Finally, here are two before and after samples from our PowerPoint Presentation Designers to illustrate some of the above points:

before 3 300x167 1   before 4 300x149 1
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Our PowerPoint presentation designers are here to help you. To discuss more ideas or if you’re convinced you need to stop wasting your own time designing and endlessly formatting PowerPoint. Just drop the team an email at hello@presented.co.uk, or give us a call.