In the PowerPoint or Prezi debate: PowerPoint wins. There. Now you don’t need to read the rest of this article…

Okay, sure, you want more… As well as Prezi or PowerPoint there are other alternatives these days (Canva, Emaze, Presbee for example. They come and go.) Most require you to host online or work online in some way – and they have come onto the scene because people are sometimes struggling to design with PowerPoint.

Indeed, if you need the ability to host online, it’s quite simple to convert a PPT to the format HTML5 that means you can host online. The animations and hyperlinks are retained, so we find this an excellent addition PowerPoint’s arsenal.

Here at Presented we LOVE PowerPoint. Of course we do – we’re a specialist PowerPoint design agency, it’s what we do! PowerPoint continues to go from strength to strength. Microsoft are slowly but surely adapting to customer’s needs and creating a software to kick any new upstart out of the ball park.

The problem with PowerPoint (or any software)
lies in the hands of the user.

It’s not the tools. It’s you. We wouldn’t expect every person in an office to be proficient with Adobe InDesign and create superb pieces of work. Yet we give PowerPoint to everyone and lament the standard of presentations. This is a no brainer. This is why Canva works so well: it makes designers out of the non-designers with some basic AI.

At Presented we have super talented designers, and we loved PowerPoint even before the morph transition. If Prezi had a face we would go up and laugh in it. No, that’s silly. Perhaps we’d just smile and nod knowingly. Sorry – this isn’t about shaming other software. Far from it. This post is about singing the praises of PowerPoint.

Before we could replicate the morph tool abilities with some clever motion paths and extremely well thought out graphics, it was fiddly, but it meant that PowerPoint or Prezi was still a close contest. Not now, now PowerPoint is totally amazing in the right hands. (Like ours for example). Try out the morph tool in your transitions options.

And you may need more interactivity from PowerPoint. (Trust us, it’s cool, you need it). Triggered animations appearing on clicks makes PowerPoint fully interactive. Hyperlinked buttons, menus, animations. And without the seasick spinning of Prezi.

Have a look at our portfolio for more PowerPoint motion samples. And here’s an advanced PowerPoint animation we did for Development Initiatives that shows their infographic slides come to life.

Fully created and fully editable in PowerPoint. Simply saved as an .mp4 for online viewing.

The sky is the limit. You simply need the creative designers to flex their creative muscles. If you have the idea – we can make it happen (in PowerPoint that is).


Frequently Asked Questions:

Which presentation software is better, PowerPoint or Prezi?
While PowerPoint is favoured by us at Presented for its versatility and integration capabilities, Prezi offers a unique zooming interface that some find engaging for storytelling. Ultimately, it depends on your presentation style and audience preference.

Can PowerPoint presentations be hosted online?
Yes, you can convert PowerPoint presentations to HTML5 format, retaining animations and hyperlinks intact. This allows for easy online hosting, making it a versatile tool for sharing presentations beyond traditional methods.

What are the advantages of using PowerPoint over other design software like Adobe InDesign?
PowerPoint democratises design by enabling non-designers to create compelling presentations with its intuitive interface and basic AI features, such as those seen in Canva. This accessibility makes it a powerful tool in office environments where not everyone is a design expert.

Are there alternatives to PowerPoint and Prezi?
Yes, besides PowerPoint or Prezi, there are several other alternatives such as Canva, Emaze, and Presbee. These platforms often offer online hosting and unique design features that cater to different presentation needs. It’s worth exploring which one suits your specific requirements best.