PowerPoint GIFs: Create animated GIFs in PowerPoint

Give the gift of GIFs via PowerPoint

I must admit, I still don’t know how GIF is supposed to be pronounced, so I’m not sure if the alliteration above works well or not.
In an exciting new update earlier this year, Microsoft have decided to include “animated GIF” as an export option for a presentation in PowerPoint. So, now, you can use PowerPoint to create animated GIFs to your heart’s content.

Why do I care?

The GIF, which according to Wikipedia is now 32 years old, is the internet’s favourite format. No doubt you have seen plenty of examples of funny GIFs on social media. But they’re not only used for exchanging insults with your friends on WhatsApp!
GIFs can host attention grabbing animation with a very low file size, which makes them great for sharing. If you use them correctly, they can be a powerful tool to show off your brand’s personality, or to explain a process simply.

Where can I use GIFs?

GIFs are great for social media sharing, and most platforms make it easy to import your own GIF, for example on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It doesn’t look like you can import your own GIF for Instagram, but as Instagram automatically plays any videos less than 15 seconds in length, you can always use PowerPoint’s “export to MP4” option instead.

Although this is slowly improving as more and more email clients are catching up, it’s worth noting that as it stands GIFs won’t always work on emails.

You can also add GIFs into your presentations. Although be careful to make sure the animation plays how you want it to.

The video below shows you how to export an animated GIF in PowerPoint.

And here is the final GIF:

PowerPoint GIFs: Example of a GIF created in PowerPoint

PowerPoint GIFs Example

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