Presentation Specialists and PowerPoint Designers

Presentation Specialists

Presentation Specialists

Our PowerPoint Designers and Presentation Specialists can help with your next project. Whether you have a big presentation for a conference that you want to really want to wow the audience with or need a new, professional-looking corporate template (or in fact if you need anything PowerPoint-related), here at Presented we have the knowledge and skills to bring that about.

Here is a little insight on how we work our Presented magic.

Restructure and messaging

Upon receiving your content, the first thing we do is read through it and think about the structure. We know that the message is the most vital part of your presentation and we follow proven scientific principles to get it right. We will restructure your presentation to deliver a compelling story that’s easy to understand and remember.

Slide communication

We will improve the communication of each slide by adding new meaningful headings and creating bespoke/relevant visuals, removing any unnecessary content and where required spreading information over more than one slide to really bring out your key messages. There are scientific principles we follow to help your audience to best understand the message behind your slide content.

New presentation design

Our amazing team of designers will create design concepts, based on your brand guidelines – i.e. using your colours, illustrative style, fonts etc. We will keep your presentation template branding, and redesign only a sample – we will await your guidance on your design likes/dislikes.
Here are some before and afters from our portfolio:

Specialist slide build

Once a presentation design sample is approved, we then build your full deck of slides using the style of the design concept you have chosen.

PowerPoint Animation

We can create dynamic animations and triggers to bring your content to life and give your presentation even more “whizz bang”. We know that when it is done well, animation can 1) help get your message across, and 2) focus your audience on the important points.

Things you didn’t know were possible in PowerPoint

Did you know… all of this is doable in PowerPoint:

  • Triggers
  • Hidden menus
  • Custom slide shows

Check out some more of our blogs and links to our Presented vimeo page to see some of the stunning things we have done in PowerPoint.

As well as the visually impressive wizardry, we have awesome technical skills too

If you require a new basic template, we will use the master slides to build a basic template as we create your presentation. This includes your colour palette, fonts and common slide elements. We can also optimise the presentation to suit different mediums at a later stage if you’d like (e.g. for print, to send on email, to present on iPads etc.).

If you would like to experience how Presented’s presentation specialists can use their skills and knowledge to make magic and transform your presentations simply get in touch.