Areas a freelance PowerPoint designer must master:

Being a good freelance PowerPoint designer isn’t simply using PowerPoint. Designers must be highly creative, technically expert and able to follow a brief. Following a brief is crucial.

PowerPoint is a great tool with many capabilities. Here are some more areas to be mastered by any presentation designer:

Interactive slides:

Using triggers and hyperlinks is essential for navigation-led decks. Simple effects are PowerPoint Zoom summaries or basic hyperlinks. Or advanced effects are trigger animations, custom slide shows, etc. Interactive features are ideal for engaging audiences.

Explainer videos:

Create timing and animations in PowerPoint to produce quality videos. Video content increases conversion rates and is perfect for content marketing. We do advanced video level animations in PPT. It’s easy to DIY and save in .mp4 format. What’s even better, is that it’s all editable. See our PPT videos on Presented’s Vimeo page.

Live presenting:

Nothing beats the face to face engagement of presenting live to an audience. First, good designers should know some neuroscience techniques to help your message be remembered. Second, visual impact should be high to support learning and boost engagement. Third, visuals need to be in timing and thematic harmony with your content and narration. Simply put, communication science will massively improve the way you present.

Data visualisation:

Make sure data is communicated in a visually appealing and easy to understand way.

Get a good grip on infographics, dashboards, bespoke charts and diagrams.


A well-created, user-friendly template will look good and encourage company-wide consistency. Plus it can save you hours (and hours) every week.

Printed PowerPoint material:

Create your printed material in PowerPoint or Word. In this way, everyone can edit the files, year after year. Annual reports, quarterly reports, brochures, posters, postcards, flyers etc. Everything can be laid out to a high spec and printed professionally from PowerPoint.

Follow the above to up your game as a freelance PowerPoint designer! (Or hire our specialists!)

Our team has years of design and technical expertise. Drop us a line to see how we can improve your next presentation.