Professional corporate presentation.

Robert Darrow from AMDAS came to us with three Word documents, a logo and a colour palette.

We discussed the presentation objectives, got to understand the audience and highlighted 3 key messages. We used a three-part structure to showcase the simple benefits of the MaintainMyHome service.

With a brand-new slide design, including animation to time the flow of information this presentation formed the basis of a proposal doc that could be sent via email or presented face to face.

This is a good example of our “professional” design level.

The before slides

Robert didn’t have any slides, or any design.
He had 5 pages of information spread across three Word documents. We read these in preparation for a messaging and design chat. Our copywriter and designer then worked their magic together.

MMH Our Services Page 1
MMH Our Services Page 2
MMH Our Services Page 3
MMH Who we are
MMH Who we help Page 1
MMH Who we help Page 2