Charity training slides.

Papyrus is a fantastic charity that works to prevent suicide in young people. We worked with them, using their lovely branding, to improve the look of their Suicide Intervention training presentations

Here is a static selection of the slides. The final version of these slides were animated – some slides had triggered animation and other interactivity to allow for a more natural back and forth.

An example of professional level design.

CharityTrainingSlide 1
CharityTrainingSlide 2
CharityTrainingSlide 3
CharityTrainingSlide 4
CharityTrainingSlide 5
CharityTrainingSlide 6
CharityTrainingSlide 7
CharityTrainingSlide 8

Hyperlinked morph transitions

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Slide0 1
Slide2 2
Slide3 2
Slide4 1
Slide5 1
Slide7 1
Slide8 1 1
Slide9 1