Animated agency presentation.

Team Eleven came to us (again) when they needed to pitch an impressive PowerPoint presentation.

Their template wasn’t up to the job. And they knew it. So they worked up a storyline, structure and copy, and dumped it on some slides with zero frills (see before slides below).

We produced a new take on their branding that matched their look and feel, giving them the visual style that they were looking for. Another happy client!

Premium level.

The before slides

As you can see, Nick and the Team Eleven troops didn’t waste time trying to make their slides look good. They knew they were in safe hands with us.

team 11 Slide1
team 11 Slide2
team 11 Slide3
team 11 Slide4
team 11 Slide5
team 11 Slide6
team 11 Slide7
team 11 Slide8
team 11 Slide9
team 11 Slide10
team 11 Slide11
team 11 Slide12
team 11 Slide13
team 11 Slide14
team 11 Slide15
team 11 Slide16