We follow a 6-step presentation design process..

Communication science shows there is a right way to do presentations – and we follow the research to ensure every presentation we create for our clients is easy to take in and remember.

This is the presentation design process we use (and the one we recommend) to give our clients the best presentation possible:

step 1. we listen.

We learn about your goals, target audience, key messages etc and build your story around this information, also conducting our own research where necessary.

step 2. we structure and script

Using the information gathered in step 1, we create a clear structure and write headlines that tell your story simply and engagingly, and is 100% targeted to your audience.

We storyboard.

The right visuals are vital in telling your story, so we carefully plan every visual to help build your story, and to help your audience take in and remember your message.

We design.

We create 2-3 initial designs based on your design brief, and then continue to develop this based on your feedback until you’re completely happy with a design.

We build.

Once all this is done we start building the slides in software of your choice (PowerPoint and Keynote are the popular choices). At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what software you’d like us to use, what’s important is what goes on the canvas!

We optimise.

If you’re going to use your presentation in different ways, such as presenting live, printed, sending on email etc, we can optimise your presentation for that platform. Read here for more on optimisation.

It’s vital to get these key presentation ingredients right:
  • The right message, which will ensure your audience knows what you want them to know
  • The right structure, which will make it easy for your audience to follow your presentation
  • The right visuals, which will keep your audience engaged and make it easy for them to recall your message