Using Microsoft Forms in PowerPoint is an excellent way to boost engagement of an online presentation.

Generally this is for presentations which are shared, and read by individuals. There are of course other ways to use polls with 3rd party apps in live events. Anyone viewing a copy of the presentation can fill the form/answer the quiz questions and submit it to the presenter without having to exit PowerPoint.

Forms are a simple way to share a survey, opinion poll and other information by embedding the Microsoft Forms within a PowerPoint document. Share the presentation, and collect user responses. The results will automatically be collated for you online in

embedding microsoft forms powerpoint

How to insert Microsoft Forms in PowerPoint

The Microsoft Forms PowerPoint add-in allows presenters to easily insert a quiz (or a form) into a PowerPoint deck. To access Forms, go to the Insert tab and click the Forms icon in PowerPoint ribbon. Any current forms or quizzes will appear in the task pane, or you can select + New Form or + New Quiz.

You can use the form to test audience understanding of your content, or gather data about your audience. Use it as a learning tool to check if certain aspects of your presentation need improving ? Or, of course, it can simply be a bit of fun.

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More info: Form features

There are 4 types of basic question available to use in a form:

  • multiple choice – it will give you some suggestions or you can add your own options, allowing for more than one to be selected if this this appropriate
  • rating, which can be stars or numbers
  • date (maybe you would like to track if the feedback improves over time)
  • text – either long or short

You also have the option to add ranking with up/down arrows or Likert charts and there is an option to upload files. You can make answers “required” and shuffle them if you think users will always opt for the first option.

There are some in-built design features, they are quite basic, but you can also use your own background colour or upload an image if you wish.

Quiz features

Quiz fields are the same as those for forms, the only real difference is how they display on the screen.

Capture and analyse data

As users submit their responses to forms and quizzes, these come through to the website where you can log in to view them ( There are various things you can do with the responses. For quizzes you can then score them and share the results with the participants. Or for forms maybe you would like to open the responses in Excel to save for your records, or for extra analysis.

Using the add-in for Microsoft Forms in PowerPoint  makes the whole process easy. Give it a try!