Are you using interactive PowerPoint to boost engagement?

Interactive PowerPoint increases engagement with your audience.

Using interactive PowerPoint captures attention, so it’s 100% worth adding to your bag of tricks. Whether it’s navigation, hidden or visible menus, triggered animations, quizes, non-linear slide decks, and so on. You should up your PPT game!

Let’s face it, there’s enough Zoom fatigue going on without adding more. So we need to keep our viewers attention in meetings. It’s too tempting for participants to get distracted and do other things whilst “in meetings”. Like checking emails, scrolling news feeds, checking LinkedIn (me) or Whatsapp. So introducing interactivity helps by involving the audience in the presentation. If you’re part of the process, you’re more like to stay present.

Here are two videos that show methods we recommend here at Presented. Both can keep your audience paying attention AND feeling more engaged:

Interactive PowerPoint menu options

Not only does an interactive menu make your navigation clear, it also means you can jump around and present only certain sections or certain pages. This allows a more spontaneous presentation flow. Your delivery won’t get flat, and you can make it bespoke to your audience’s interests on the fly.

Display your case studies in PowerPoint

Both of the menus for cases studies above are interactive. It should be obvious by now that this allows you to click on whichever case study is relevant to your audience. Indeed, you can even ask the audience to pick. This is ideal for engagement.

And you can send the PPT via email for someone to view on their own monitor and make their own choices. We like this side of interactivity as it puts the customer first.

Also, whichever menu you prefer for your case studies, they both show your audience that you have many more (instead of pre-loading your deck with a small selection you chose earlier). Showing more – in a list or as logos – is a fun way to name drop clients without saying a word!

We hope these 2 videos give you some inspiration. Please share with a friend or colleague if it might help them too!
We have more Interactive PowerPoint examples on our vimeo page.

Good luck with your next interactive PowerPoint experience 🙂