Interactive PowerPoint Presentations have many benefits

Have you seen interactive PowerPoint presentations in action? Please check out this screen recording of one of our portfolios. We’ve collated a number of cool features in PowerPoint that we think not everyone will know about. Press play and see which are familiar to you.

There’s no secret behind these interactive PowerPoint skills. We use a mixture of hyperlinks and animation triggers. It’s all in native PowerPoint, so if you have Office 365 installed (and updated) then you’ll have the ability to use all these interactive PowerPoint features. Easy!

Interactivity boosts engagement

Having a non-linear presentation gives a more personal feel when you are delivering any kind of pitch or presentation.

Clicking through an interactive PowerPoint menu can be for many reasons: driven by your own curiosity, your prospect’s questions, or the bespoke relevance to your audience for example. This non-linear exploration improves attention as viewers believe the option choices are more relevant to them. And they’re right! Relevance is a big deal when it comes to engagement.

Interactive features can keep your screen uncluttered

By using space “off the screen” we can make the most of the viewing space on each slide. Cluttered slides are incredibly BAD for audiences. They pose a risk of cognitive overload, and hierarchy of information can too easily be lost: viewers don’t know which bit of content is the most important so eyes jump around the slide and so does focus.

Having content “enter” draws attention to it, movement does that. Likewise, any “exit” feature is ideal to lighten cognitive load too.


Interactive PowerPoint presentations impress your prospects / leads / clients / audience

Interactivity is such a good way to present case studies to your clients. Take case studies for example.

interactive powerpoint - case studies

A full page of logos is perfect for every eventuality. You only click on the ones that are relevant to that meeting: allowing a deep dive into that case study, or story, alone. You may click on ones that your prospect asks about, or ones that you feel are the best to demonstrate your value. Either way the benefit of having a full page or menu list of all the case studies gives more credibility about your experience and expertise. Your audience will see them all at name drop level. A nice bonus!

If you think interactive PowerPoint presentations would give you more of an edge – get in touch. We’d love to help you.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are interactive PowerPoint presentations?
Interactive PowerPoint presentations integrate features like hyperlinks and animation triggers to create non-linear experiences where viewers can choose paths through the content. This makes presentations more engaging and personalised.

How can interactive PowerPoint presentations benefit my audience?
Interactive PowerPoint presentations enhance engagement by allowing viewers to navigate content based on their interests or questions. This tailored approach increases relevance and attention during presentations.

Do I need special software to create interactive PowerPoint presentations?
No, you can create interactive PowerPoint presentations using native PowerPoint features available in Office 365. These include hyperlinks and animations, which are easy to use.

Why should I consider using interactive PowerPoint features in my presentations?
Interactive PowerPoint presentations help reduce clutter on slides by utilising off-screen space effectively. This approach prevents cognitive overload and helps maintain focus on key information through strategic use of entry and exit animations.