Face-saving PPT keyboard shortcuts (when you’re presenting)

Keyboard graphic with PPT keyboard shortcuts text

PPT keyboard shortcuts

PPT keyboard shortcuts come in handy: It’s the kind of scenario people have bad dreams about… you are halfway through your presentation and the mouse stops working leaving you stranded on one slide. So, you start to panic, everyone’s waiting and you want to keep their attention… Luckily for you, there are some PPT keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint Slide Show mode which you can use to keep things moving seamlessly.

To kick things off, you may need to access Slide Show mode – clicking F5 (or Fn F5 on some keyboards) will start the Slide Show from slide 1.

There are a few ways to move on to the next slide, you can press Enter, the n key (for next), the down arrow or the spacebar – and the presentation will move to the next slide.

Take me there
. If you want to navigate to a particular slide in the deck and you know the slide number, type the number and press return to take you directly to that slide.

Where was I?
If you want to go to a particular slide but don’t know the slide number, clicking Ctrl-S within a Slide Show will bring up a list of slides in the presentation. You can then use the down arrow on the keyboard to get to your desired slide, simply press return when it is highlighted in the list and you’ll be taken straight there.

Give me a sec. Now you have things moving again, you may want to pause the presentation briefly to give you time to wax lyrical. So that your audience is listening to you and isn’t distracted by what’s on screen, you can temporarily blank out your slide. Simply type ‘b’. This will black out the screen until you press another key. Similarly, ‘w’ will make the screen go white.

You’re just showing off now.
You want to draw the audience’s attention to something specific on your slide but, as we know, your mouse has abandoned you. Try Ctrl-P – this will turn your cursor into a pen on the screen. You can then use your finger on the mouse pad to move the pen to where you want it on the screen, and then if you click and hold on the mouse pad you can draw on the slide with your finger. To get out of pen mode, Ctrl-P again and you can carry on through your presentation.

Don’t have nightmares, you don’t need a mouse when you have the nous.