How do you find recommended expert PowerPoint designers?

Presented have been working on presentations since 2009. The two founders, Pani and Philippa worked on presentations prior to this in investment banks – since 1997. That’s so last century! Point is, nothing would surprise us, so don’t feel ashamed of your slides: it probably isn’t your fault. You simply needed to find some expert PowerPoint designers to help you. PowerPoint is a design tool but not everyone is a designer. The design options in PPT are not as limited as it might first appear. However, to become an expert PowerPoint designer you need time, a good design eye, and plenty of PowerPoint know-how.

Think of it it this way: if a non-designer (you?) opened up InDesign or Illustrator would you would produce something beautiful? Probably not. And yet millions of office workers and execs use PowerPoint regularly and are expected to create slides that both look good and communicate well. Sure, sometimes a company template can hide a multitude of sins, but only if it’s set up correctly, and only if everyone knows how to use it. But templates themselves rarely lead to stunning slides without some added design ability & skills.

Find expert powerpoint designers

Here at Presented we build Slide Masters correctly. We compose well balanced layouts. And we use and locate placeholders with thought so they will be easy to use, as well as practical. We install palettes, theme fonts and default style settings into our templates. And we use further tips and tricks to help speed up the process and make our template users into fast PowerPoint formatters. But we can’t instantly make you a great (PowerPoint) designer.

Unfortunately, many talented graphic designers often can’t help with PowerPoint either. These extremely talented creatives work with Macs, Adobe Creative Suite, and might look down on PowerPoint or simply not know where to start when it comes to masters, layouts or animation (and PCs!). We’re not trying to bad mouth designers here: we work with plenty of design agencies as their go-to PPT people. We recreate their amazing designs for them from InDesign or Illustrator into PPT and Word. They turn to us time and again for the PowerPoint expertise and no stress that we offer. It just makes sense to outsource. We have the speed and experience that they need to produce top quality presentations that look good and are easy to edit.

In summary, you already know now to find expert PowerPoint designers: contact the people behind this website. Contact Presented.
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