5 Presentation mistakes that you can’t afford to make

Presentations can be tough. There’s a lot to remember and standing up in front of a room full of people can be nerve-wracking enough without the worry of making presentation mistakes.

The more prepared you are, the more successful your presentation will be. So have a read through these 5 presentation mistakes to ensure that you don’t make them:

1. Don’t try to cram in too much information
There’s no point having a 40 minute presentation if your timeslot is only 30 minutes. Find out in advance how long you have and practice your presentation to make sure you can fit everything in without rushing it.

blog illustration - Don't make these 5 presentation mistakes

2. Don’t read the text directly from the screen
There’s no point filling your slides with text and then just reading it out loud to your audience. They will get bored and no one will be listening to you as they can’t read and listen at the same time. Instead just add the main headlines, and a visual to support it; if you have researched your subject and practiced your presentation you should be able to talk your audience through the rest of the info.

3. Don’t pace up and down
Pacing can be a sign of nervousness and you don’t want your audience to know that you’re nervous. Moving around is fine, just try and do it purposefully so as not to distract from your presentation.

4. Don’t talk too fast
Nerves can also cause you to talk too fast, this may make it difficult to follow the presentation. Take a deep breath before you start and remember to pause between slides.

5. Don’t forget to prepare for questions
You might think you have covered everything in your presentation but there are bound to be some questions from the audience. Be prepared for questions by fully researching your subject as well as your audience to find out their level of knowledge on the topic.


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