The Telegraph shared a piece about an increase in British workers being given the right to request flexible working hours – read it here.

Hallelujah we say to that!

Why? Because the current office environment – typically getting to the office at 9am, staying til 5.30pm, working in an open-plan office, and spending most of the day sitting still – is about the least productive environment we could possibly create. That’s according to scientific research…

If you’ve not heard of him, check out Dr John Medina. He’s a molecular biologist who wrote the excellent Brain Rules. His book explains, in a fun and easy to read way, what brain science reveals about the way we work. A “brain rule” is what scientists know for sure about how our brains work. You can see a summary on the Brain Rules website here

Flexible working

Flexible working

Dr Medina explains that everyone’s brains has different wiring. Not even identical twins have the same wiring. And that means everyone works differently too, with each of us functioning better at different times of the day.

To put very simply, a “morning” person will be more productive in the morning, and a “night” person more productive at night. (And probably pretty groggy and unproductive at various other times of the day.) We can’t fight against the way our brains are wired!

With that in mind, what if everyone could set their own hours of work? Granted many businesses can’t offer complete flexibility; but imagine how far even a little flexibility could go. If people could choose to work at the times their brains are more alert and active, their productivity would no doubt increase. This can only be good for business!

At Presented, we offer as much flexible working as we can to our team.

Working remotely helps us do this; some of our staff work better at home, some in workshare environments, or cafes or libraries etc. Who are we to argue? So long as we’re getting the best out of our staff they could work in a pig sty (provided they didn’t come to visit us that same day!)

There are other reasons why the current typical office environment is bad for business, and that’s something we may touch on in other posts…

So, for now, we say YES to flexible hours and making Britain more productive!