Before and after PowerPoint slides show what presentation specialists can do

A talented PowerPoint designer can improve slides in so many ways. New design concepts, neuroscience enhancements, messaging, overall structure guidance, varying levels of animation, layout, composition, to name but a few!

Before and after PowerPoint slides

See original before slide below (a standard bullet-point slide), and the same slide after design and some neuroscience improvement.

Bear in mind any design we apply to slides is based on design brief, messaging strategy brief and the level of design depends on how much time we can spend on each slide (i.e. your budget!).


Text heavy slide

  • Too much text, it’s boring to look at, and tiresome to read.
  • No animation: the audience will skim read the text faster than the presenter can speak. There is both cognitive overload risk with too much information, and a problem with overloading a listening brain channel. When reading: audiences are listening to themselves speak inside their own heads. Of course some audience members will choose not to read it at all, opting instead to listen. They then might miss out on some written information.  Either way, it’s a presenting disaster.
  • The title “Green Travel” doesn’t tell the audience enough. Are there good levels of green travel? Is there anything the audience needs to do or know?

Basic “After” design:

After powerpoint slide

  • As well as a nicer – and widescreen – design, we have included graphical elements to help the brain make faster links with the content topics. We have grouped the content to make it easier to digest.
  • We have improved the narrative of the heading.
  • We’ve trimmed all the text, lessening the text-heavy load: this could still be improved further of course.
  • We’ve included animation to control the flow of information. Leading to less reading ahead and more synchronicity between presenter and audience.


The design in this sample may not be to your own personal taste – every job is different, and designs are created with the client, their preferences and their budget, in mind.

Potential clients often ask us questions like: “how much for 20 slides?” The answer depends on the level of design, the level of neuroscience improvements we make, and how much animation we add.

Before and after PowerPoint slides are a good way to understand the range of options available.

We have a portfolio of before and after slides we can share with you – please get in touch and ask to see it.