A great PowerPoint template can make your life easier…

…but what makes a template great? The best brands are consistent across all communication channels. For your presentations to honour your brand then you need a great PowerPoint template.

At Presented, we see bad templates ALL THE TIME. We get sent templates that are ugly, built incorrectly and difficult to use. So today we are fighting back!

There are five things that make a template great:

1. A great PowerPoint template looks great

This should go without saying! Your presentation could be the audience’s first impression of your organisation. A template that lets you create top notch slides means that your first impression will be a good impression.

Include enough layouts that let your team swerve boring bullet points and you are on to a winner!

2. It is simple to use

To be great, a template needs to be used by everyone in your organisation. If everyone uses the same template, it will be easy to combine slides created by different people. Therefore, the template needs to be super simple to use, with clear instructions that prompt users to make good choices.

3. It is a bespoke solution to your specific needs

You know what type of slides your organisation regularly produces. A template that is tailored to your needs will take this into account and include appropriate layouts that do the legwork for you and your team. You will be able to create professional slides quickly, with a variety of layouts to give you flexibility. This might mean you include:

  • A library of commonly used slides (e.g. an “About Us” slide) that users can drop into their presentation or use as inspiration for creating new slides
  • A selection of brand-consistent icons that that can be recoloured and resized
  • A variety of colour options so that you can easily distinguish between different sections in the presentation (see how easy this colour change can be in the GIF below)

4. A great PowerPoint template ensures brand consistency

The main raison d’être of a template is to ensure that presentations are consistently created to a high level. The best way to make sure this happens is to train staff in how to use your template. That could be through live training sessions or simply a series of how-to videos.

A great template will make sure that your brand guidelines are followed easily:

  • Logos will be correctly sized and positioned in the master layouts
  • Brand colours will be added to the palette with the correct RGB values
  • Guidelines will be set up in the layouts so that content can be nicely aligned and kept within appropriate areas
  • Slide headings will use your brand font in a consistent size and positioning, if desired

…and if, for some reason, your brand requires you to have all images in the shape of a dog’s face, then a great template will include image placeholders to make this very quick:

GIF showing image placeholder that is in the shape of a dog's face

5. It is technically correct

This is where you need to know your onions. A great template needs to be set up correctly behind the scenes. For example:

  • Colour palettes should be installed into the template’s theme and arranged in the correct order so that charts are automatically populated with appropriate colours
  • Non-standard fonts should be embedded if possible
  • The template should have a small file size so that presentations can easily be shared
  • Unless there is an important reason for it, images should not compress automatically when you save a file as this can ruin image quality

If a layout is set up well, then you should be able to butcher a slide completely and simply hit “reset” to snap everything back to where it should be, like so:

GIF showing how you can hit the reset button to snap content back into their placeholders

We’re nerds when it comes to PowerPoint templates – if you want a great template that works for your organisation, let’s talk.