Presented subscription contract

Presented subscription contract


A subscription works as an agreement between an agency and a client for the agency to provide goods or services at a fixed price over a specified time period. At Presented we have both ad-hoc and subscription clients. So whether or not we would recommend a subscription depends on the volume and frequency of work a client sends to us.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a subscription package versus paying for work on a job-by-job basis.

Reduced hourly rate

Cost is probably the most significant benefit to you. Subscription package hours are cheaper than ad hoc hours – so you’ll be getting better value for money as a subscription package client. The more hours in the package, the lower the hourly rate.

The gift of time

Unless you have an in-house PowerPoint expert, you aren’t going to have the time or know-how to create impactful, beautifully designed presentations. With dedicated resource assigned to you each month, you know we will complete your work for you – subscription clients take priority in terms of deadlines and designer availability.

(Side note!) You might be worried that you won’t use up all of your allocated subscription hours. We understand that some months you will have more presentation work than others, and we allow for unused time to be rolled over.

Before signing up for a subscription, we will discuss how much time your company realistically needs and your Account Manger will be on hand to make suggestions on how you can use this time as effectively as possible. Regular conversations with your Account Manager will help manage your time.

Simplified budgets

With a subscription package in place you’ll know EXACTLY how much you are spending on your presentations each month. Equally, you will no longer have to get costs approved for Every Single Presentation.

(Psst!) If you are concerned that with a subscription you won’t be able to monitor how your time is being used, and whether or not what you are being charged is fair and accurate: well fear not! You can request a detailed breakdown of what we have been doing with your monthly hours.

Your invoice will contain a record of the hours used on each project and we can further break this down into tasks if you need this detail.

Expert power

You may already have an outsourced design agency who are happy to design your presentations for you but, you need someone to translate these designs into PowerPoint itself. Handling multiple relationships with agencies might seem daunting, but we are familiar with working with design agencies directly.

And of course we have other skills. We make PowerPoint do an incredible amount, but as highly skilled graphic designers, we also use the Adobe Creative Suite.

Presentation confidence

We are expert presentation designers with the skills to give your audience the best possible communication experience. Rest assured, if we are working for you we know your business.

Our agency can’t create effective presentations for you without knowing the ins and outs of what you do. We have an audience-centric approach when creating presentations.

We start with who you are, what you offer and your USP. We will ask you to define your target audience. We focus on what you are trying to achieve, whilst considering the audience and the message you want them to receive.

Signing a subscription contract might seem like a big financial commitment to make, but it can be a great way to ensure efficient, focused service from an agency with dedicated resource, as well as managing your budget.

So long as you make sure that the terms of the agreement are clear and that the agency communicates openly, it can be a game changer.

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