Important Things to Consider While Creating a Product Presentation

Important Things to Consider While Creating a Product Presentation

A product presentation should look simple, appealing and eye-catching to your audience. The presentation should be in the form of an interesting story through the use of format, design and PowerPoint slides that makes it not only effective but also interactive. A specialist in PowerPoint presentation knows these techniques and keeps the slides precise, informative and simple. Such a presentation is appreciated by people and they pay attention to it.

To help your message resonate with the audience, your presentation should focus on visual content and avoid text-heavy slides. A presentation created by presentation designers would be really awesome as they bring many skills:

Visual Aids: They are an important part of your presentation as they compel the audience to pay attention. Professional designers use strategic and relevant visual aids to support the message you’re delivering to your audience.

Templates: The theme of your presentation should be unique. A professional designer uses a theme that matches your product and complements the topic you’re speaking about.

Charts and Graphs: A professionally designed presentation should include data and statistics represented visually which will enhance and support your message by presenting the details in an engaging way that supports your point.

Colour & Font: Professional PowerPoint presentations should have eye-catching colour themes and interpretative fonts. The use of appropriate fonts, different colour shades, and combinations can influence purchasing decisions. The presentation service providers makes your product presentation appear on google by using suitable techniques.

Use of multimedia, animation, videos and visual content in your presentation captures and maintains the audience’s attention, that’s why presentation design specialists are recommended for professional presentations.

Professional PowerPoint designers can help you create a gorgeous presentation for your product. They are very creative and will design a presentation that not only demonstrates your product but also advises the customer on the product and makes the customer willing to buy your product.

There are many presentation service providers but you should select a leading professional presentation designer to create an awesome Powerpoint presentation for your product.

The benefits of a non-linear presentation

The benefits of a non-linear presentation:

A non-linear presentation is a great way to present. Of course, it’s more effective with an appropriate audience size – so for a small meeting, or one-to-one, it’s a brilliant presentation option.

What is a non-linear presentation?

A non-linear presentation simply means that you won’t necessarily start at slide 1 and then proceed to slide 2, 3, 4 etc. The slides will be structured in a similar way to a website – allowing the presenter to respond to their audience’s area of interest by clicking on a topic which is hyperlinked. This allows the presenter to jump to any chosen slide within the deck. And back again, perhaps. Or to drill down into more detail if required. A presenter is also likely to have a more natural delivery and feel less rehearsed when they have the freedom to present a non-linear presentation.

non-linear presentation

Non-linear presentations can increase presentation engagement

Using a hyperlinked presentation also means the presenter can practice active listening, and can intuitively respond to the audience. This encourages the presentation to be more of a dialogue and less of a monologue. Something that will help to keep the audience more engaged, and more likely to participate.

We see trends occur in the presentation industry through the requests of our clients. And more and more are asking for navigation in their presentation decks.

We have a short video here showing simple examples of interactive presentation techniques:

Animation triggers can reduce cognitive load

One of the great techniques we’ve used here is the animation trigger. A trigger animation has been set to hide a menu: this keeps the screen uncluttered and clean looking. When we click the menu icon, the full menu list appears and we can jump to a new section. Not having the menu there all the time will encourage the audience to focus on the actual visible content, and also gives the content space to “breathe”. This technique can also help to reduce cognitive overload in presentations too. We’re always keen to use presentation science!


If you’d like to transform your company presentations into a non-linear format, please give the team a call or drop us an email!

Award Winning Presentation Designer

Presentation Designer

Presentation Designer Marc Richard won the Presentation Guild Contest #002: “Makeover Makeover”



We asked Marc how he went about approaching the contest brief. Here’s what he said:

“The words ‘Chalkboards, vintage & hand lettering’ can be dangerous territory for a presentation designer in PowerPoint!

Chalkboard textured backgrounds are much less common now that the 90s and 2000s and back then they were always a kitsch response to being stuck on computers, yearning to work with our hands! Vintage is a massive vague word that can mean 100 ‘shabby-chic’ things & hand lettering translates to custom installed fonts—not a PowerPoint forte…

Aside from this, the Presentation Guild brief was direct. It clearly stated the client needs and gave multiple examples of design for inspiration. These visual and written clues amount to half the job being done for a decent presentation designer. We acknowledged that the competition also asked for a working template.

Starting with the brand Magnolia and its logo, I separated the text from the marque to add motion to the falling petal on the cover slide to meet the current trend for animated logos, giving far stronger impact to an identity than a static printed logo can.

I used Segoe Script, one of the few handwritten typefaces to come bundled with Windows — important for anyone viewing your file not to experience PowerPoint substituting your chosen font for something default and losing all formatting.

The logo petal had a delicate, etched design and I matched this with gentle plant branch illustrations used on divider slides and then repeated on the following section for continuity.

Dark chalk background meant lots of use of light colours for contrast & the brief specified gold, grey & I used white […obviously, chalk!]

The client asked for spacious design, so I used PNG stock cosmetic images without backgrounds for interesting profiles & to avoid blocking out the chalk background. I added gentle shadows & translucent shapes to let the foreground hover over the background, adding to airiness. After this, I added in some motion animation to move elements around as you progress from divider slide to content, with simple fly-in & fade effects to finish it all off!”

If you’d like to see Presentation Designer Marc Richard’s winning entry – click here: Presentation Guild Makeover Makeover

How to Create Screensavers in PowerPoint

How to Create Screensavers in PowerPoint

Create Screensavers in PowerPoint – such a great idea! Screensavers created in PowerPoint mean that the file is going to be editable by anyone in your team. So you can easily keep staff up-to-date with the latest data or targets or fun stuff that you want to share around the company.

Create Screensavers in PowerPoint

So how do you create a screensaver in PowerPoint? Here are 2 options:

The Simple PowerPoint to Screensaver Method:

This works well with static slides. Simply save your whole presentation as a series of jpegs (PPT will do the whole deck for you when you Save As… and choose jpeg). All your images will go into one new folder automatically created by PowerPoint.

Then go to your Screensaver Options on your desktop, choose the “Gallery” / “Slideshow” option. Navigate to the new folder with your jpegs and you’re done! (You can also set the timing for changing each image).

The Advanced PowerPoint to Screensaver Method:

For movie style animations, you’ll just need a conversion software to assist the process. We’ve used iSpringPro with InstantStorm, but pptfaq lists a few others you could try.

Simply put, we make the PPT into a Flash file, then the Flash file into an SCR. This works perfectly and keeps all your PowerPoint animation effects. The software is simple to use and you can play around with the export settings to get the best result.

Step 1. Use the iSpring converter plugin: to export the presentation as SWF flash file.

Step 2. We then used InstantStorm, and imported the SWF file, then published as an SCR. (InstantStorm is a Freeware Flash screensaver creator!)

Step 3. The SCR file can be browsed for when applying a new screensaver.

Good luck! We hope this helps you!
If you need our assistance to help you convert your PowerPoint into a screensaver like the one below: just ask!

How best to use tablets or iPads for presentations

Sometimes you can’t (or don’t want to) carry your laptop around with you. Although it’s not particularly easy to create presentations using your tablet, using them to present your deck is simple! With a few tips, you can ditch your laptop and focus on using tablet presentations instead.

Tablet presentations

Our preferred software for tablet presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad and PowerPoint for Android apps: these allow pretty much the same playback capabilities of the full computer version of the software, including most animations and interactivity (currently the “hover over” animation isn’t supported). Plus, most people are already familiar with PowerPoint.

So, simply create your presentation in your usual way, specifying the right dimension to fit your tablet screen. Then to get the best out of your tablet’s touch-screen capabilities, try to use interactivity (hyperlinks) to create a great user/audience experience. Once done, upload to your tablet and start sharing your presentation with ease.

Tips for tablet presentations:

1. Disable notifications: you don’t want that confidential or personal email to pop up halfway through your pitch!

2. Beam your presentation wirelessly to a big display or projector using Apple’s AirPlay technology.

3. Learn a few gesture controls to get the most out of PowerPoint for iPad. For example, in full-screen slideshow view can use a closed pinch gesture to return to the editing view.

4. PowerPoint for iPad enables you to edit any .pptx files. If your file is an older format (.ppt), you have the option to convert it to a .pptx file.

Don’t forget, whilst your tablet is a great tool for delivering presentations, it won’t guarantee a good presentation. The most important factor is the presentation itself, and ensuring that you get your messages across. So…

…make this year YOUR year!

Let us help you with more than just your tablet presentations.
Our main focus is communication. Tons of research exists on how people best take information in, and we use those insights to help you get your message across. A good presentation will help you to achieve your goals.

So if you’ve only touched the surface of what we can do for you, talk to us to find out how we can help you with so much more!