Nothing beats PowerPoint as the best presentation app. However there are add-ins and alternatives to be aware of. Indeed, more and more people are abandoning their laptops and using tablets to present. If you use a tablet in your presentations there are all sorts of presentation apps available, both Apple and Android, to make your life easier.

Here are 10 presentation apps we think are worth downloading…

1. PowerPoint, FREE
If you’re a PowerPoint fan but like the flexibility of using a tablet then you can install the app to open, create and present PowerPoint files as easily as if you were using your laptop. Link to install PowerPoint from Google Play.

2. Keynote, FREE
Keynote was built especially for iPad and iPhone, and is a great alternative to PowerPoint if you’re not a Windows user.

3. Scribd, (was slideshare) FREE
This is a really useful site and app for sharing and viewing presentations online. Ideal for finding inspiration or sharing ideas with colleagues.

10 presentation apps you need to download

10 presentation apps you need to download

4. Haiku Deck, FREE

If you have no design skills Haiku Deck is an easy way to create presentations using stock photography, filters and fonts. You can also share your work on social media, and view on any device.

5. Prezi, FREE
This app allows you to you create, edit, present and watch prezis directly from your iPad.

6. Glisser, FREE
If you want an interactive audience experience then this platform is definitely worth using. Enabling real-time polls, digital Q&A, social sharing, likes and slide downloads for the ultimate engagement experience whilst also collecting valuable interaction data.

7. Slido, Mentimeter, polleverywhere
For  more interactive poll and voting features in real-time there are several more apps. Slido is one of the most popular. Check them all out!

8. Slide Shark, FREE
Upload your PowerPoint presentations from your iPad or laptop to an online account and then use this app to show your presentation on your tablet or phone, and broadcast on the web.

9. Canva, FREE
If you want to create graphics to import into your presentations this app is a really easy way to design professional looking visuals using the photos, fonts and graphics provided. Downside? The Canva “look” starts to be quite commonplace.

10. Corkulous, FREE
This is an idea board type tool. Great for planning a presentation as it lets you pin ideas and to-do lists, and brainstorm when you’re on the go.

Do you have any other must-have apps on your tablet or smartphone? Let us know!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are presentation apps?
Presentation apps are software applications designed to create, edit, and deliver visual presentations. They enable users to showcase information, ideas, and data in a visually appealing manner, often incorporating text, images, and multimedia elements.

Which presentation apps are recommended for tablet users?
If you prefer using tablets for presentations, there are several options available. Some popular choices include PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi. These apps offer compatibility with tablets and provide features for creating and delivering presentations on mobile devices.

Can I use alternative presentation apps besides PowerPoint?
Yes, there are various alternatives to PowerPoint available, such as Keynote, Haiku Deck, and Prezi. These apps offer different features and functionalities, catering to diverse user preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for design flexibility, ease of use, or interactive capabilities, there’s likely an alternative app that suits your requirements.

Are there any presentation apps for enhancing audience engagement?
Yes, several presentation apps, like Glisser and Slido, focus on enhancing audience engagement through interactive features such as real-time polls, Q&A sessions, and social sharing functionalities. These apps enable presenters to create more dynamic and interactive presentations, fostering greater engagement and participation from the audience.