10 PowerPoint hacks to save you time

You’re at work and you have a million things on your to-do list, one of which is creating a PowerPoint presentation. With so much to do you probably often find yourself rushing through your slides and not giving your full attention to the layout and design as you’re a bit short on time. You need to learn our PowerPoint hacks!

blog illustration - 10 PowerPoint Hacks

The 10 PowerPoint hacks below should hopefully speed things up and free up a bit of your time to spend concentrating on the design and messaging of your slide deck.

1. Altering images
Changing the size of an image can be a bit fiddly to get right. As you drag the image to alter the size, hold down the Shift key to avoid skewing it out of proportion.

2. Aligning objects
Wonky images can make an otherwise great design look amatuer, but it can be difficult to get items to line up exactly. Select the image you want to change and hold down the Ctrl key while using the arrow keys, for much smaller movements. If this still isn’t aligning objects up accurately enough, select all of the items, go to the formatting tab and find the align tool in the Arrange group.

3. Aligning text
To quickly justify the text to the right press Ctrl + R. To justify to the left press Ctrl + L and to justify to the center press Ctrl + E.

4. Selecting small objects
Grabbing smaller objects can be a bit tricky, but there is an easy way to avoid messing around. Press the Escape key to make sure that no objects or text boxes are selected, and then press the Tab key to go through all of the objects on the slide.

5. Black screen
If you want to stop the presentation at any point and get your audience to focus on you for a moment, you can make the screen go black by pressing B or hitting the full stop (.) key.

6. Turn off the pointer
Having the mouse pointer on the screen when the slideshow is running can be very distracting. You can turn this off by pressing Ctrl + H. If you want to get the pointer back just press A.

7. Quick access tool bar
You can add your favourite tools to the top of the page so that they are easily accessible. Right click the top of the screen and select ‘Quick access tool bar’ to select the icons you want to add. This is an essential hack for the team here at Presented.

8. Change the case
To quickly change any text into upper or lower case without retyping it, you just need to select the text and press Shift + F3.

9. Format painter
To copy the format from one object to another, simply select the original object and press Alt + F to activate the format painter.

10. Preview
If you want to see what your slide show looks like while still working on it just hold down the Ctrl key and click on ‘Slide Show view’. A small window will pop up where you can preview it in slide show mode.


We hope these tricks save you some time on your next presentation! If you have any other great PowerPoint hacks why not tweet us @presenteduk