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Do you want to really connect with your audience? We’re a leading presentation design agency, and we can help you! We use presentation science to create presentations that stick. Every job is tailored to you and your audience, and will help you stand out.

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unleash the power of PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is an amazing communication tool, but are you making the most of it? Let us help you with any of the following, and more:

Interactive slides: Engage your end-user by letting them control the flow of the story.

Explainer video: People are more likely to buy from you if they’ve seen a video. We can give you your very own dynamic, editable web video.

Live presenting: Nothing beats the face to face engagement of presenting live e.g. for conference, sales pitch etc.

Data visualisation: share data in a visually appealing and easy to understand way. Think infographics.

Templates: a well-created, user-friendly template can save you hours every day.

Printed material: if you create your printed material in PowerPoint or Word, everyone can edit it!

PowerPoint design backed by science .

It’s sad but true that most presentations don’t get across a clear message. That’s because presentation science is almost always ignored. People let themselves down with slides that make it almost impossible for their audience to get their message. Let alone remember it!

But we’re geeks when it comes to PowerPoint and science. We apply scientific insight and many years of experience to all the essential presentation design ingredients.

For example, science shows that using the right visuals are vital: they help your audience understand and remember your message. And using the wrong visuals can do more harm than good. That’s why our designers spend time mapping out their ideas, to make sure every visual does its job.

The end result is a presentation that not only looks great, but achieves its goal too. That’s why so many people trust our presentation design services. Read about our approach here.

presentation design specialists.

Your finished presentation will do exactly what it’s supposed to do: tell your story AND be remembered. And it will look amazing too!

If your presentation is too important to leave to chance, then let us help you. Good presentation design is a niche area and needs an expert touch. You will get that from us, and you will find us easy and friendly to work with.

We can work with you in many different ways. On a one-off presentation. As part of your team. As a white-label service to agencies who’d like to offer a specialist presentation service to their clients. Presentations for presenting, for ipad, website explainer videos. Or anything else!

Give our presentation design services a try today –  call for a chat or request a quote. We’re yet to see a presentation that couldn’t be drastically improved!