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Presented is a leading presentation design company. Our team of experts use presentation science to transform your slides into something engaging, memorable and beautiful.

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PowerPoint design isn't just slides.

PowerPoint is versatile, we can help with:

Interactive slides: increase engagement with hyperlinks and triggered actions.

Explainer video: video marketing is a growing industry, and PowerPoint can save as .mp4 video format! It means it will be fully editable by you, and won’t look anything like slides… take a look at what we can do.

Animation: high end special effects to give your presentation the edge.

Data visualisation: Ban bullets, replace text with visuals that are easy to understand.

Templates: save masses of time with well-created, user-friendly templates.

Printed material: Not only slides, PPT does brochures and PDF material really well too.

We can help you reach your goals.

Most presentations fail to have a clear message, and that’s often because presentation science is ignored.

We’re geeks when it comes to PowerPoint and communication science. With our scientific insight and years of design experience you’ll have a presentation that helps you achieve your goals.

The end result is a presentation that not only looks great, but is successful too. That’s why so many people trust our presentation design services. Read about our approach here.

Your specialist presentation team.

Good presentation design is a niche area and needs an expert touch. You will  find us easy and friendly to work with.

We can work with you in many different ways. On a one-off presentation. As part of your team. As a white-label service to agencies who’d like to offer a specialist presentation service to their clients.

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